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Chongqing Standard Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Dabiao Electronic technology co., LTD.founded in 2010, the company is located in the high and new technology industrial park of RongChang , covers an area of 25 mu  and staff are over 700.The registered capital of our company is 6 million.Our company is a collection of semiconductor,rectifier diode company research and development,manufacturing,sales in the the integration of modern semiconductor manufacturing enterprises. Company annual production capacity of 6 billion diode,Main products are 1A-6A recover(FR) and high efficient recover (HER),ultrafast (UF),super fast(SF), schottky diode(sky),bidirectional trigger diode,high voltage diode,high-voltage silicon stack,transient voltage suppression diode(TVS/TVD),encapsulation stabilivolt, rectifier bridge pile,SMD series,MINI rectifier bridge rectifier, TO series rectifier,film capacitors,electrolytic capacitors,automobile and motorcycle ignition for transformer,automobile and motorcycle with buzzer,etc.

            Quality assurance system

ISO9001:2008 and ISO 14000 environmental system certification .

Our quality policy: take the quality as the fundamental,to varieties and development,to serve as the guide,fully needs of customers.

Our quality goal:product quality is stablly increasing at the rate of 90% or more, customer satisfaction rate of 100%.

              Incoming quality control

Incoming inspector according to IQC specification give the important material incoming inspection to ensure the quality of incoming material and confirm qualified materials can be used in production line,The process seems the flow chart of the IQC.

              The Production process quality control

Porcess inspection according to the “standard of the ” give the final product inspection to ensure that incoming product meet quality of workers operating conforming to requirements.The process sees the flow chart of IPQC.

              The final product quality control

Finished product inspectors according to the “guidelines for QQC” give the final product inspection to ensure that incoming products meet quality requirements.Before shipment,the inspectors according to the QA specification for inspection of shipment confirm the product meeting the requirements of the customer.

                Product reliability test

According to the GB/T6351-1998” semiconductor discrete devices part2:the first article 100 a rectifier diode or shell under rated rectifier diode(including avalanche rectifier diode blank detail specification )” requirements,the equivalent IEC747 GB12560-11-90”standard of semiconductor devices semiconductor discrete device points” requirements,give a regular basis on a comprehensive routine reliability test to ensure our products meet the requirement of national standard.

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